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Calypso's Torment Part III Final Installment

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Aug. 1st, 2007 | 03:09 am
posted by: deepseasiren in davy_calypso


A continuation of the previous two parts of this three part fanfic. I finally finished this the other day, and am getting more and more ideas for fanfic. I am sort of starting to worry about the lack of, or what seems like, the sudden lack of interest in fanfic stuff regarding POTC, Davy Jones and Tia Dalma...but maybe I shouldn't panic. I just don't like it when things 'get dead' if you know what I mean.

To recap the last two parts, it is revealed that Calypso did not show up for Davy Jones as she promised, and the reasons were a bit more complicated than her just being her usual tempermental and mercurial source. Traitorous 'ho' she was not. ( At least in my opinion)

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Calypso's Torment Part III
Rated PG for some language, imagery
Category: General POTC fanfiction

What harm could possibly come from loving a handsome and sturdy mortal such as Davy Jones, wondered Calypso, while morphing from her beautiful human self to the more aquatic form she was given. She was in a pensive mood, worrying and wondering about what the gods and other goddesses would tell her about this troublesome thing she had done. She felt like a child being punished for something wrong, but she couldn't quite see the 'wrongdoing' in falling in love. Love was part of the world, of both the mortal and the divine.

But she reasoned to herself that the unfairness of the situation was deeply biased towards goddesses. No one batted an eyelash over male goddesses taking on the forms of animals or even humans to seduce beautiful young maidens that had taken their fancy from above...Zeus had done it so many times it was a wonder he didn't bring back some form of ungodly disease back to Hera. And Hera overlooked his infidelities since they were with what she considered lesser than her...mortal young naive girls with no power.

Calypso disagreed with that...those mortal girls had much power over a god. If a god as great as Zeus lusted momentarily over a simple country girl, took a chance to come down from Mt.Olympus while Hera was asleep next to her baby Hercules, then it said a great deal about how weak he was when it came to the subject of female fancy. Ah, it simply not fair. And Calypso meant to get the support of the other goddesses, not just in the realm of the sea, but in the realm of the entire pantheon of all the divine members.

Calypso heard her name being called from the heavens by Atlas, and then Poseidon, who carefully scrutinzed her as she rose from the sea in her naked, gloriously beautiful self, rising like Venus on the half scallop shell. Atlas shook his head in disapproval over her immodesty. " And, Calypso, you wondered just why this mortal Captain Jones became enamoured with you? Men are weak."

Calypso snapped, " And so gods are not, eh? I would think Gods are even weaker than men, because they are seduced by things on the earth, mere mortal females who have very little offer them except...how shall I say this, a quick lay in the wood somewhere? Sadder still are the stories of the Nephilim, our relative angels, who come down from heaven and mate with females, thereby producing horrible insane and deformed offspring.

Zeus laughed, a rich, rollicking laughter that boomed across the heaven and ordered Hephassius, his blacksmith, to throw in a few lightning bolts to emphasize what he was saying to Calypso.

" You are one of the oldest goddesses, Calypso, being the sea itself, and yet, you are also so childlike with your temper, which is why you use your anger and impatience to mollify the sea at your whim, and according to who had made you angry that day. A better day you will give calm waters, a bad day, you'd just conjure up a maelstrom marked people to die. "

" I do not see why you are all making a big thing when you all have had experiences concerning mortal men or women and immortal men and women. Think of
Pygmalion and Galatea, for example. When his creation came to live for him...I will not change my love for Captain Jones, my god and goddess brethen. I even though that Poseiden took his human form so he could seduce the many whores and loose women on ships, and when he did leave, those whores never saw their money."

Poseiden shouted, " The fact that they got to fuck a god of the sea was enough, you smart ass Calypso....and anyways, Zeus has the final say...

Calypso, looking at the greenish tinge behind the horizon, began to want this God/goddess meeting to come to an end soon, or she wouldn' have the time to change back to the sea and then become a mortal, rising out in front of him, staring at Davy with eyes of love. Behind her the divine were bickering about a pairing of a great sailor and handsome pirate , and his lady love, Calypso.

But it began to seem contrieved and wasteful as gods and goddesses became so loud that they did not see the pale light which was slowing bursting outwards like an aureolis in the darkness. Their voices became louder and louder about what the long term consequences between Captain Jones and his immortal lady Calypso. Calypso's voice was being drowned out by the shouting and arguing and before she knew it, the gods had intervented to question her happiness when she was immortal, and he was not. What then would she do?

She had not though about that...she would live an immortality, and he would like but a small speck in the measureless journey towards death. Tears lept from her brown dove-like eyes. So much confusion that...as the green bursts if light signified his arrival and she dared to look up at his handsome ,smiling visage, looking for her while she was in a meeting with a melee of gods and goddesses trying to convince her not to go.

And so she did decide...that she would not put herself, or Davy's pain, one being immortal and the other whose life would only be able to be enjoyed but for milliseconds every ten years...death, life, immortality, sadness, grief....NO! Calypso screamed and ran through the talking gods and goddesses...she could not bear to face them now, and so when she became so emotional she immediately trasformed into what she was, back to the ocean.

Davy Jones came to shore as he promised, waiting and waiting, while Calypso was really beneath him as the ocean calm, observing him. She had in that sense always been with him under his ship as her true self, her true water form. He was too blinded by anger not to see that because she WAS the sea, she embraced and enveloped his ship the Dutchman with loving carreses, before angrily he ordered the crew to take his downward, for there was no sign of Tia Dalma. She had betrayed him, but his miunderstanding that she was THERE for him every way, by being the ocean carressing his undersides, splashing water upon his brow, sensually gliding along with the boat. He could not see that Calypso
was indeed there for him.

And because he failed to notice how she was there to caress his boat and would have eventually taken human form while on the boat to surprise him, fate was sealed when he knew what he had to do to her . A fate far worse than any other for Calypso...and all because he could not see what was so painfully obvious.

The gods and goddesses were right about one thing...it was a relationship doomed from the very start, and that one day, many terrible prices would be paid.

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(no subject)

from: thefireisblack
date: Aug. 4th, 2007 02:41 am (UTC)

A couple of nitpicks:

male goddesses
Either they're female gods or they're goddesses.

while Hera was asleep next to her baby Hercules
Unless you're going off the Disney version, Heracles (Hercules is Roman) was the son of the mortal Alcmene and Zeus. Hera hated Heracles even though he was named for her (his name means glory of Hera) and made him go through hell over and over again. Though to be fair, in the original version, Heracles was a jerk. I don't know what else to call a guy who comes in and abuses a host's good graces and then ends the night by raping the daughter -_-

But if you're going off your own interpretation, then disregard the fact that Hera did care about Zeus dallying with every young thing he found. Then again, can't blame her after all the work he did in wooing her.

Pass that, reading this makes me want to smack Poseidon and Zeus a good one. Bloody hypocrites. I liked the twist in how you put Calypso cutting the relationship off as to not harm them both. The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all.

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(no subject)

from: deepseasiren
date: Aug. 6th, 2007 03:08 am (UTC)

You know, I don't even remember writing that story. I noticed that it was written in an out of whack way. I had this theme in my head and I must have taken those sleeping pills, because this story is actually really BAD. I just got a chance to reread it now, and I'm cringing. I'm gonna have to delete it and start all over again.

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(no subject)

from: deepseasiren
date: Aug. 6th, 2007 03:09 am (UTC)

Ugh. It was written at 3:09am in the morning. Yes, I was on the Ambien throes then. Don't ever pay any attention to any writing I do after 2am.

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(no subject)

from: thefireisblack
date: Aug. 6th, 2007 03:39 am (UTC)

Aye, aye, mon capiton! Though for someone who was sleeptyping (sort of) you made almost no spelling mistakes. That's impressive.

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